The Institute of Policy, Evaluation, & Applied Research (IPEAR), provides high level oversight within the office of the Vice President for Research to improve the marketing of UNM's capacity to engage in sponsored research focused on policy and to protect UNM's brand in this area by monitoring the quality of work products coming out of the institute, and streamlining communication with policy makers and potential clients. IPEAR has oversight over two categories of centers. The core centers which comprises of Bureau of Business & Economic Research (BBER), Center for Water Governance Studies, Geospatial Population Studies (GPS), and Land Grant Council (LGC) and the affiliated centers.

Center for Water Governance Studies (CWGS)

CWGS plays a critical role in building and exercising a deep understanding of and expertise in global public leadership through research, innovation , and academics

Geospatial Population Studies (GPS)

Competent Decision-Making involves identifying options, Modeling Expected Outcomes, Quantifying Risk, & prioritizing competing goals.

Bureau of Business & Economic Research (BBER)

Information dissemination, technical expertise, analyzing & conducting applied research.

Land Grant Council (LGC)

This council is a group of community members and UNM Faculty who are appointed or elected to represent the Land Grant Owners of New Mexico.

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Visualize your Data:

Mental & Behavioral Health Service Providers in Bernalillo County

"The City of ABQ commissioned a study of Mental Health Services to understand unmet behavioral health needs in our community. This tool provides details about behavioral health service providers in Bernalillo County."

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GPS Mission

"Our Mission Geospatial and Population Studies provides data-driven research and analysis to support improved public decision making. We supply trustworthy information that serves communities and government agencies; are skilled in cutting-edge technology and research methods; and are a fertile training ground at UNM for a new generation of applied researchers and decision makers."

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Need Applied Statistical Analytics? : See BBER

"The Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) at the University of New Mexico is committed to contributing to the understanding of economic and demographic issues in New Mexico by collecting and disseminating information, providing technical expertise, and analyzing and conducting applied research. "

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